SMA SB Grid Inverters

SMA SB Grid Inverters

SMA Sunny Boy Grid Inverters

Europe's most popular Grid-Connect inverters.

Units can be linked in parallel allowing extreme system design flexibility with the possibility of low cost system expansion and maximum system efficiency. This makes the inverter ideal for use alone or as part of a large PV plant. To make installation safer and easier, special polarized plug-in SunClix cable connectors are used for DC input and an AC connector for the grid connection.  No special tools are required.The inverters can be located as close to the PV string as desired (even on the roof, IP65 protection), eliminating long DC wire runs and allowing low DC currents. Connection to the mains is to the house consumer unit.  
Sunny Boy Inverters include a DC isolator, giving savings in both installation time and cost compared to other brand inverters.
Inverters automatically shut down in the event of: High/Low grid AC-voltage; High/Low grid frequency; Grid failure; or Inverter Malfunction. Inverters automatically adjust PV array loading to provide maximum efficiency of solar panels by means of a maximal power point tracker (MPPT)


  • Output Voltage Range: 207-264Vac
  • Output Frequency Range: 47.0 -50.5Hz
  • Inverters below 3.6kW are certified to G83/2, larger inverters to G59/3


  • Minimal installation costs 
  • No additional DC isolator required 
  • Best price/performance ratio 
  • High efficiency of >93% even with low power input 
  • Reliability Integrated diagnosis & plant monitoring 
  • Wide operating temperature range (- 25º to + 60ºC ambient) 
  • IP65 protection for outdoor installation
  • Equipped with SunClix connectors for safe and easy installation
  • Five year warranty (options to extend up to 25 years)

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